How to Perform Banjo Setup

Index to the Banjo Setup Files

I have a very effective method for setting up a Mastertone™ type banjo. As I describe it, I will explain the history and science behind the whole thing. Although the emphasis here is on bluegrass banjo, the principles work on other banjos as well.

Banjo Setup File #1---The first step in banjo setup--proper fit of all the parts.
Banjo Setup File #2---The next step in banjo setup--correct head tension
Banjo Setup File #3---The air chamber
Banjo Setup File #4---The importance of the bridge in banjo setup
Banjo Setup File #5---Adjusting the neck (Do this at your own risk)
Banjo Setup File #6---The tailpiece
Banjo Setup File #7---Coordinator Rods (Do this at your own risk)
Banjo Setup File #8---Strings
Banjo Setup File #9---What to do if the tone ring you want won't fit the banjo you have.
Banjo Setup File #10--How do I tune this durn thing?
Banjo Setup File #11--I want a banjo with no overtones -- how can I get one?

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