Banjo Setup File #8

Once you have performed all of the other steps in banjo setup, you will need to find the strings that sound best on your instrument and feel best to you. The choice of strings is, to say the least, a controversial topic. Many banjo players have their own sets made up for them by major manufacturers. You can buy Sonny Osborne strings, Bill Keith strings and even two different kinds of Earl Scruggs strings, just to name a few.

I personally like Gibson Earl Scruggs medium gauge strings. Light gauge strings are generally more popular for various reasons. Medium gauge strings are generally louder and may be bassier. Light gauge strings are generally brighter, with slightly less volume. Light gauge strings generally are easier to bend. Again, the determination of the best strings for your playing must be done by experimentation.

My D P Hopkins banjo and my LouZee banjo sound and play best with light gauge strings. You have to figure this out for yourself.

By the way, it takes a much finer touch to play well on light gauge strings. Heavier strings are more forgiving.

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