Contacting the Banjo Wizard

Before you send me an e-mail, I want to make a few things clear to you. There is a wealth of information on this web site. It may not be really easy to find everything you are looking for right away, so please consult it thoroughly before e-mailing me. I do not like to answer questions that I have already answered on these pages.

If you send me a question that I have already answered here, I will simply give you the link to the page. It will also put you on my list of people that I will not answer any more e-mails from.

Note this carefully -- I do not sell any merchandise. None. Zero. Zip. Don't ask.

I do not appraise instruments. Again, don't ask.

One other thing -- please do not send me e-mails asking for any of the following:
1) the best banjo for under $500.00
2) the best banjo for under $1000.00
3) help shopping for an instrument for someone else.

These are questions I can't answer. Instead, go to the list of links and call one of the dealers I have listed. Don't e-mail them. Call them.

I do not teach banjo. Check out some of the teachers who advertise in the various banjo magazines.

Do not send photos of your instrument to me without asking first. I may be somewhere with a slow internet connection when I receive your e-mail. This will frustrate both of us. I charge a flat fee of $10.00, payable by PAYPAL ONLY, for identifying instruments.

Bear in mind that I cannot make an absolutely positive ID over the internet. I can only go by what I can see in a photo. Photos can be altered easily. So I assume no liablilty for any misinterpretation of photo data.

Also, I take no responsibility whatsoever for any damages resulting from a misidentification that has been made of an instrument. I also will take no responsibility for any damage you cause to your own instrument or any other instrument by allegedly following the directions I have given on these pages. Do these adjustments at your own risk.

I do not claim to be an expert on the banjo, just a person who has accumulated a lot of facts about the instrument based on many years of experience.

If you have any argument or conflict with any information on this web site, click here.

If you have read the above and checked the web site carefully, and still need to contact me by e-mail, click here.

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