Who is the banjo wizard?

That's a fair question. The answer depends on who you ask. If you are asking me, the answer is as follows:

My name is Bill Palmer. I played the banjo -- 5 string, tenor and plectrum -- professionally, along with other musical instruments, for 16 years, from 1959 to 1975. In 1974, I decided to become a full time professional magician. In 1975, I began to play the part of Merlin the Magician at the Texas Renaissance Festival, a career that lasted for 26 years. During the time that I played the banjo professionally, I worked for several music stores in the Houston area, and was a Gibson technician. Back then, it was easier to become a Gibson technician than it is now. I set up hundreds of banjos for customers and for the music stores, themselves.

I continued to set up instruments after I became a professional magician. I still set banjos up for a couple of music stores and for my own private clients.

I built many of the first instruments I had from parts, because I couldn't afford a "real" banjo. I'm not a luthier, though. I don't make necks, and there are some luthiery jobs that I avoid like the plague.

For many reasons, I don't claim to be an expert, whatever that is, but everything on my web site is based on sound scientific principles and years of experience -- some of it mine and some of it that I have learned from other people.

If you ask some of my detractors, and there are some, I am a retired magician who has nothing but time on his hands who sits around the house and tinkers with banjos. That's pretty funny! I'm not retired. I still do plenty of shows. I'm just very selective about the ones that I do. And since I also run a publishing company, I don't have a lot of time on my hands. But I do like to tinker with banjos. I can't claim that I ever worked with any Nashville bands that nobody remembers anymore, though.

The only thing I can say is this: people who follow the principles on my pages have set up their own banjos and made them sound better. I get at least a dozen e-mails per week from people who say just that. And I also am able to bring banjos that make people sit up and take notice to any jam that I decide to attend. And I have been invited to teach banjo setup at workshops in Europe and Canada.

So, if you don't mind reading the ideas of a "retired magician who has nothing but time on his hands," (don't I wish!!!) then visit the site!

In order to satisfy an ever-diminishing number of requests to see what I look like -- here I am!

Bill Palmer -- The Banjo Wizard
The banjo is LouZeeŽ#3 -- a DeLuxe Plus.

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