Banjo Mutes

How long have you hunted for a really good banjo mute? I know that I have tried almost everything on the market, including modified violin mutes, viola mutes, magnets, putty, diapers stuck under the head, and none of it that works is really convenient. At least, not until now.

David Spencer designed a mute that works beautifully. It is a simple piece of brass that is bent into a special shape. It is lined with a fuzzy layer that grips the bridge of the banjo without marring it or sliding loose. It's a couple of inches long and about a quarter inch wide. You just slide it over the bridge from either end. It is under the strings, so if you accidentally put the banjo in the case with it on the instrument, it won't hurt anything. It is sold exclusively through Gold Tone.

It's called "The Ultimate Banjo Mute." It will fit any bridge except the Nechville Enterprise bridge. To use it on a moon bridge, just bend it. The best thing about it is the price. It is just $24.95. There are no moving parts, so it should last a lifetime.

You can see it at The Ultimate Banjo Mute Page.

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