A good, intermediate level banjo from First Quality Music

Their intermediate level banjo, which is called "The Festival," has a plain neck with a Indian rosewood fingerboard -- no binding. It has a 3-ply maple rim, Cox resonator and comes with a Sullivan Tone Ring, which is the same one offered in their higher priced banjos. This banjo lists for $1995, but is available from First Quality Music for $1495. A person who wants to upgrade from, say, a low quality banjo from overseas could purchase this banjo, which is made in USA. While it isn't fancy, the money goes where it counts -- the tone ring. A person could earn a living with this banjo. It could be upgraded later by adding a fancy neck. Gibson's RB lists for $1895, and has a rolled brass hoop instead of a tone ring.

I played a festival at First Quality -- they had several on display and at IBMA 2003. They feel good, look good and sound great!

They have also added another model to their line of professional instruments. This is "The Presentation." With its beatutiful rosewood fingerboard, fancy inlays, intricate engraving and gold plating, this banjo is a mere $5000, It comes with a Calton case. It sounds and looks great.

Also, visit their new web site for Sullivan banjos www.sullivanbanjo.com

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