Has Bob Perry Finally Done It?

Like everyone who has ever used the old National fingerpicks, I have been searching for a fingerpick that duplicated the sound and feel of these things. The Kyser picks and the Showcase 1941's are very, very close. I think Bob Perry may have found another solution.

He plates his fingerpicks with cobalt. Cobalt has been used for a long time at places like NASA to reduce friction. Friction between the strings and the picks causes pick noise and robs you of your sound to a certain degree. This isn't extremely noticeable when you have a really well broken in set of picks. That may be because well broken in picks have all the microscopic burrs, etc. worn off of them. If you have a chance to try these picks out, here's what I suggest. Put one Bob Perry pick on your index finger and one of your favorites on the middle finger. Chances are that the index finger will suddenly increase in volume. Then try the same combination, only this time switch the fingers the picks are on. Now the middle finger will probably be louder.

Your hand tends to balance the picks you are using as you play. It may only take a few bars, but your tone and volume will balance themselves.

The Bob Perry picks really come close to the feel and sound of the old National picks. I don't even take my Nationals out of the house any more. I purchased two sets of picks from Bob at the IBMA convention. I think I will switch over to them. I like the way they feel and sound.

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